The first day

16 miles, 9 hour day, 4000′ gain and then a hard, steep 2.5 mile descent to finish. No gradual entry into the Camino, just begin with one of its hardest days. But my training paid off, and I never ran out of gas. Knees severely tested on the descent but everything held up. Everyone who made it to the marvelous monastic hostel at Roncesvalles feels very grateful tonight. The soaking drizzle that made the first two hours this morning a trial finally let up, and all the pilgrims who had crowded into a mountain cafe to dry out poured back out onto the trail. No great views today, but the summit where France turns to Spain was a brooding cloud of unknowing where we walked by faith not sight.





6 thoughts on “The first day

  1. Oh Jim, this is so great … you are there … and walking!
    God speed dear one, we hold you in prayer here at St. Andrew’s House.

    Solvitur ambulando … It is solved by walking.
    St. Augustine

  2. We are so excited for you to be having this life changing experience! Jon and I visited the cathedral at the end point and watched pilgrims come in. God bless!

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