By the numbers

A few miles before reaching tonight’s hostel in the village of Terrafillos de Templarios, I passed the halfway point to Santiago de Compostela: 245 miles. This was my 17th day of walking, with 16 to go before – God willing – I reach Santiago. The first 10 miles today were on a straight dirt road between green wheat fields under the big Castillian sky. There was a sense of endlessness to the walk that some found tedious or wearying, but I felt to be exhilarating, like striding into infinity. Every so often a row of trees provided shade from the glaring sun, as in this 30 second video. If you want to experience the length of my walk in real time, replay it 27,000 times.

2 thoughts on “By the numbers

  1. Is this the Meseta then? I hear so much about it, its stark landscape driving wildly differing reactions, as you mentioned. Cherish those wide, wild open spaces … I understand they do not last long. Be sure to stay in Rabanal, or at least duck in and say Hi to Rebekah.

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