Reprise: Ten Ways to Keep a Holy Advent


Here in Puget Sound, the first Sunday of Advent has begun in darkness, fog, and frost. It is for many of us a deeply felt time, the season where we wait expectantly for the dawning of the New. The spiritual practice of waiting is not a state of passivity, but rather the cultivation of attention, lest we miss what is being offered to us in the unfolding of God’s future.

I do not usually do re-runs of old posts, but some readers found last December’s “Ten Ways to Keep a Holy Advent” a useful list, and you can access it here. I hope you will find some blessing in it. And please feel free to share it with your communities.

2 thoughts on “Reprise: Ten Ways to Keep a Holy Advent

  1. Jim, I used your “Ten Ways” as the basis for my sermon to the Spanish congregation at St. Luke’s today, giving you full credit and riffing with culturally specific examples. They loved it! And now they’re asking for copies, so … with your permission, I’ll ask a parishioner to translate it. (And I’ll happily send you a copy of the translation, should it prove helpful in the future.) Okay with you?

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